Mount Gower Day Walk / Climb - Guided Tour

Breathtaking views

Mt. Gower: 875 meters above sea level

Sea to Mount Gower Summit

Enjoy a guided tour, climbing Mt Gower on Lord Howe Island with Jack Shick.
Rated one of Australia's best day walk 2023 (Auswalk).

Jack is a fifth generation Islander and third generation mountain guide, following in the foot steps of his Grandfather and Father. Jack is the most experienced guide on Lord Howe Island with more than 2000 guided trips to the summit. Jack has been a mountain guide for over 30 years. There is no one on Lord Howe Island more experienced to guide you on your Mount Gower climb..

Group Bookings Available

Experience breathtaking views, see some of the Islands rarest plants and bird life. All tour walkers receive a free certificate to commemorate the trip.

Climbers having a rest during the Mt Gower Walk
Climbers having a rest during the Mt Gower Walk

Prepare yourself for an Adventure

The climb to the top of Mount Gower includes, rope-assisted climbs and dizzying heights that are not for the faint hearted.
With an 8 and a 1/2 hour trek, the height traversed is 875m and the distance traversed is over 12km.

Be sure you are in good health for the climb, without knee or back problems. The climb is considered a medium to hard trek.

The Mount Gower Climbs are scheduled every Monday and Thursday.

There are limited climbs over winter and the climbs are also limited, subject to weather conditions.

BOOK AHEAD as numbers are limited. Make sure to check the operating days.

Mt Gower walk with forests and ferns flowers and wildlife
Mt Gower walk with forests and ferns flowers and wildlife

Rich with Nature

Mt Gower is an iconic peak at the southern end of Lord Howe Island, approximately 875m above the sea. Sheltered forests nestle in the valleys and other places around the island, preserve small pockets of life, that exist in no other place.

One of our main focuses is to explore and show you the natural beauty, Lord Howe Island keeps secret. We take pride in the preservation and sustainability of Lord Howe Island’s unique and natural environments.

Providence Petrels on Mount Gower

Providence Petrel (Pterodroma solandri)

Wingspan 100cm, body weight 500g. Tasman Sea endemic, Breeds on Lord Howe Island from March to November. The best time to see them on Lord Howe Island, is April. Large numbers gather around the mountain tops each year to produce one chick.
Climbers can pat the Petrel birds, during the nesting times, as the young play around on the forest floor.

Providence Petrel on Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island
Providence Petrel on Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island
Providence Petrels out flying
Providence Petrels out flying

Mt Gower Guided Tour

Please Note: that specialised tours can be arranged for groups and individuals. For example: Photographers, Bird Watchers, Weddings and Family Groups. Just contact us with the details and and we can have a trip tailor made for you.

Mount Gower Climb
$150 per person

Group or Specialty BOOKINGS welcome.
SEA TO SUMMIT EXPEDITIONS offers a very competitive price for this tour.